Dominic Oettl

Chief Executive Officer

A co-founder of THINK iT and its Chief Executive Officer, Dominic Oettl gets involved, and stays involved, in all aspects of this growing entity.  Strategising the way forward for both the company and its clients, ensuring that every aspect of business conducted is done so responsibly and with care and focus, and, above all else, making sure that THINK iT does right by its employees and partners all form part of Oettl’s day to day focal areas.

A self proclaimed thrill seeker, one might be surprised to find that Oettl is a woodwork fanatic but it is this passion for building something truly special and unique from scratch that has enabled him to create THINK iT – reshaping and moulding it as the industry in which it serves evolves.  With mutual respect ranking high on his list of professional goals, he is respected by employees and clients as a man who values the importance of their opinions.

He believes that THINK iT has been built on solid moral and ethical foundations and says it is these foundations, coupled with a dedication to taking their business seriously, that have empowered the company in its growth thus far.

Describe THINK iT in one sentence:A business as passionate about its clients as it is crazy for technology.