Tony dos Santos

Service Delivery Manager

THINK iT’s Service Delivery Manager is serious about IT. With an ongoing drive to deliver on promises made to THINK iT clients, it is Tony dos Santos and his highly skilled technical team that ensure that both the company and its clients are technically up-to-date and relevant. Dos Santos says that the healthy working environment where staff and colleagues work in harmony with their clients has made his journey with THINK iT an auspicious one.

As an avid sportsman, Dos Santos realises the benefits enjoyed when one works in a team-focused environment and THINK iT is definitely one team he’s glad to be a part of. The entire team operates with the understanding that if they aren’t enjoying their jobs, they shouldn’t be doing them and, thus far, they are all still here, which speaks volumes about THINK iT as a company.

Describe THINK iT in one sentence: An IT infrastructure leader who delivers on its promises to clients at all costs.