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A New Urgency - A Storage Singularity? Maybe as early as this year.

15 February 2010 - Storage issues haven't changed a great deal in the last ten years. To be sure, disks have got faster and more intelligent and the price per megabyte has plummeted, but precious few organisations allocate their data onto it correctly, mangae it properly or upgrade appropriately.

Time is right for move to Windows 7

21 October 2009 - Take the performance and stability of Windows XP and combine it with the slicker user interface and advanced administration features Microsoft brought to the fore with Windows Vista. Now, add about 50% more features to the mix and the most comprehensive hardware driver database anyone has seen to date, and that's Windows 7.

10 reasons to jump on the Windows 7 train

21 October 2009 - The hype and excitement Microsoft's much-anticipated Windows 7 operating system has been met with is perfectly warranted. "That's because," says Louis Botha, CTO of Think iT Solutions, "we've never been more confident in recommending that our clients proceed with rolling the new operating system out as soon as they can."