Core Infrastructure Optimisation

The Core Infrastructure Optimisation (IO) model helps organisations better understand and strive for a more secure, well-managed, and dynamic core infrastructure that will help enable them to reduce their overall IT costs, make better use of IT resources and make IT a strategic asset for the business. This model supports IT professionals in the management of servers, desktops, mobile devices and applications achieving efficient resource usage, which helps eliminate unnecessary costs and complexity, ensuring that the business is always up and running as part of a truly responsive infrastructure.

The Core IO model defines five capabilities that are required to build a more agile infrastructure:

Identity and Access Management.
Desktop, Device and Server Management.
Security and Networking.
Data Protection and Recovery.
IT and Security Process.

THINK iT Solutions, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, are able to assess our clients current position within the IO model and are able to provide guidance and
strategic advice on how to steer from a basic environment to that of a dynamic environment.


Uncoordinated, manual

Cost centre


Managed IT Infrastructure
with some automation.

Efficient cost centre


Managed and consolidated
IT Infrastructure.

Business enabler


Fully automated management,
dynamic resource usage.

Strategic asset