Virtualisation Solutions

Through our virtualisation offerings, THINK iT Solutions strives to develop customised solutions that cover all virtualisation strategies, fine-tune our unique ‘hypervisor-agnostic’ (objective, independent and flexible) philosophy; and locate the best partners available to meet the needs of our clients so they receive real and measurable business benefits. And true to our philosophy, we provide a host of options for adopting virtualisation.

Our virtualisation solutions include:

Application Virtualisation which compartmentalises or streams programmes directly to the end points.
Desktop Virtualisation either on demand, shared or permanent.
Presentation Virtualisation which allows all applications to be installed and executed on a multi-tenant server that redirects video, keyboard and mouse signals to the users virtual session.
Server Virtualisation which allows multiple operating systems to be installed and executed on a multi-tenant server with minimal performance impact.
User Workspace Management which is a software solution that facilitates the management of the user workspace environment. The focus is primarily on the end user and their workspace environment and not on the end user's device.